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Guangzhou Sanwin Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltdwas established in 2012, is a professional production of high-quality insecticidal lamps manufacturers. Main products include: farming insecticidal lamps, husbandry insecticidal lamps, solar insecticidal street lamps, personal indoor & outdoor mosquito trapping lamps, insect attractant formula and solar energy systems, production and sales. Mainly used planting pests control, animals feeding pests control, garden lighting, hospital interior lighting, express road lighting.
SANWINinsecticidal lamp in product function design and structure optimization, trap light source selection and unique product quality positioning, we make pests control and lighting function as special Integrated street lamps. Also automatically cleaning function is one of our greatest development.

Hot Products

Our company highly trained R&D department are able to offer OEM products to suit your needs and we specialize mainly in the production of High quality LED tubes, Linear Fixtures, down light, track light, Panels, High Bay, Floodlight and Street light.


We are making the best products around the world.